Hot Stone Massage

A Hot Stone Massage is a type of massage therapy. It is mainly used with hot stones and oils. This treatment brings relaxation and balance to the human body on a physical, psychological, and spiritual level.
Swedish massage techniques with hot stones are used.
These smooth, flat, and heated stones are strategically placed on the body of the client to create a therapeutic and holistic effect.
It benefits both the area concerned and the person in general.

Type of Stones:

Basalt is the recommended stone for a Hot Stone Massage. It has an excellent capacity to retain heat and lubricate the area.

Benefits of Hot Stone Therapy:

  • The heat from the stones penetrates through the body / concerned area of the client, allowing more oxygen and nutrients to the tissue and speeding up the removal of carbon dioxide and waste.
  • Tired, aching muscles will be restored.
  • The lymphatic system will be stimulated increasing circulation.
  • Cell and body metabolism are increased.
  • Deep relaxation occurs as the warmth of the stones soothes nerve endings.
  • They say one stroke with a hot stone is equivalent to 5 pairs of hands on your body thus resulting in a quicker and efficient massage therapy.

How a Hot Stone Massage is done:

Similar techniques used in a Swedish Massage are utilised in a Hot Stone Massage providing a firm pressure in a shorter period thus breaking all knots and leaving the client rejuvenated and de-stressed.

Our Sultry masseuse will end your Hot Stone Massage on a high note with a beautiful Sensual Massage.

Massage Oils used:

  • Base oil: No smell, no skin irritation
  • Arnica oil: Used for deep tissue and sports massage
  • Cream: Used for sensitive skin and sensitive areas e.g. face

Baby Powder:

Used to absorb the oil after a massage session.

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